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Pushbutton Switches-PBL Series
Pushbutton Switches-SPC Series
Sub-Miniature Slide Switches (Washable)-5SE Series
Rotary Switches-RT Series
LED Rotary Switches RS004 Series
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  • Illuminated pushbutton switch
  • With light touch switch
  • Illuminated rotary switch
  • Illuminated Toggle Switches
  • Key switch
  • Toggle Switch
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  • DIP Switch
  • Pushbtton Switch
  • Slide Switch
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  • Auto Switch
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    Dailylon Electronics co.,Ltd. in March 1997, we have been committed to the development and manufacture of switches and sockets; Division I professional production of various types of coding switch, waterproof toggle switch, waterproof pull switch, waterproof push button switch, waterproof illuminated pushbutton switch, waterproof rocker switch, all kinds of light switches, touch switches, waterproof touch switch, but gradually extended to other products such as precision switch: rotary switch...

  • Waterproof toggle switch | Waterproof button switch | Waterproof rocker switch | Waterproof dip switch | Waterproof Tact Switch
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